PU L2L VS USB  - Live to Love Adventure Video Series - USB - Pick Up in Person

PU L2L VS USB - Live to Love Adventure Video Series - USB - Pick Up in Person

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Living to love with Jesus is an adventure! The video series has ten sessions which are from 10-25 minutes in length. It is designed to introduce you and your church, organization, or group to living to love with Jesus as a life priority. Listening notes and a small group discussion guide are available for printing or printed copies are also available. Five video promos are available in both the streaming download version and the USB card. The sessions are organized in three parts:  Planting the Seeds, Pulling the Weeds, and Bearing Fruit. The sessions are:

Planting the Seeds
Session 1: Love’s Call
Session 2: Love’s Foundation and Definition
Session 3: Love’s Mindset and Prayer

Pulling the Weeds
Session 4: Get Free from Unbelief
Session 5: Get Free from Idolatry
Session 6: Repentance Leads to Freedom

Bearing Fruit
Session 7: Experience His Love
Session 8: Experience His Freedom and Joy
Session 9: Love Like Jesus Loves
Session 10: Make Disciples

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