Marriage for God's Glory

Marriage for God's Glory

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The Westminster Catechism asks: What is the chief end of man? The answer: "The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." I like John Piper's version. "The chief end of man is to glorify God BY enjoying Him forever." If we intend to glorify God in our lives, then surely Marriage for God's Glory should be a high priority in our lives. We live in a day when it seems all the arsenal of darkness and destruction has been unleashed against the institution of marriage. The church at large today basically has the same standard for the sanctity of the marriage vow as the world. I think it's time for revival in our thinking about marriage!

Marriage for God's Glory is built around the application of the gospel to this vital building block institution. One of the most important and valuable legacies a couple can leave for the next generation is a marriage that preaches the truth about Jesus Christ. How is that to be done? What is God's purpose for marriage? How can you and your wife demonstrate the mysterious oneness of Christ and the church? Can a marriage that has gone sour be revived and glorify God? Is there any hope if you've fallen out of love with your spouse or he or she has fallen out of love with you? The answers to these questions and more are clearly answered in the six-message series, Marriage for God's Glory.

 Topics Include:

  • Who's Leading in Your Marriage?
  • God's Purpose for Marriage
  • The Foundation of the Home
  • Called to be One
  • Rejoicing in His Love
  • Preaching Christ in Your Marriage


Who's Leading in Your Marriage?

Who is the leader in your marriage? The husband? The wife? The children's sports schedule? The school demands? For a marriage to glorify God, Jesus Christ must be the leader. He has given clear guidance as to how a marriage may glorify God.


God's Purpose for Marriage

If couples enter marriage with different purposes than God's ordained purposes then it should be no surprise that difficulties and discouragement arise. Wrong expectations are established from wrong notions of God's purposes for marriage. But when we have a clear view of what God intended for marriage, we can expect God's presence, power, and blessing.


The Foundation of the Home

How important is it that you work on your marriage? Extremely important! Your marriage is the foundation of your home and many homes to come. For Jesus' name sake as well as your own, every effort is warranted to seek God for His grace in building marriages for His glory.


Called to be One

The calling of God to be the bride of Christ is an irrevocable call of God to oneness. So also the calling of God to marriage is an irrevocable calling to oneness because it is a picture of the gospel. If we're to have marriages that glorify God, then it is important that we understand the mystery of "the two shall be one."


Rejoicing in His Love

How is it that most marriages begin with love as the common denominator yet most marriages end in divorce? Maybe that "love" isn't true love! Learn how a couple can experience God's kind of love within their marriages as they rejoice in God's great love.


Preaching Christ in Your Marriage

Every marriage preaches Jesus Christ. The question is: What do they preach about Him? One of the greatest privileges a couple has in life is to proclaim the message of Jesus' love for the church and His trustworthiness by the way they relate to each other. God has intended that generations be established for Christ through marriages that glorify God.


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